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International Women's Conference "East and West meet in St. Petersburg"

will be held in St. Petersburg on 3-4  December 2015 with the support of
the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of M
ember Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Government of St. Petersburg, the International Public Fund "Russian Peace Foundation,"The Women's Union of Russia, All-Russian public organization"Society "Znanie"



The main topic for discussion at the Conference 2015 is: "The Situation of Women and the Challenges of Modernity". The Conference will create the preconditions for bringing together regions of Russia, Europe and Asia to formulate recommendations for the advancement of women in the new political economic and social conditions.

The Conference will be accompanied by the exhibition "Social innovation: the care, aid and mercy".   

International Women's Conference will be a platform for constructive discussion of the results of implementation of the Beijing Declaration, adopted at the Fourth world Conference on women(1995), issues of standards and quality of life of women, discrimination against women in various spheres, including in access to resources, Finance and property.

The main issues for discussion at the Conference in 2015:

-           Political activities of women, participation in election campaigns;
-        Socio-economic position of women in crisis, the problems of education and employment;
-        Role of civil society institutions and public organizations in the development of democracy and the advancement of women;
-        Demography and family values, the conditions for improving the living standard of families with children, the problems of Patriotic and spiritual education of children;
-        Prevention of all forms of violence against women;
-        Innovative forms of support for women's entrepreneurship;
 -       Problems of immigrant's involvement in social processes;
         And others.

Representatives of Executive and legislative authorities, representatives of public organizations, mass media and educational institutions, scientists, executives and entrepreneurs are invited to participate in the conference.

Opening and plenary session of the Conference will be held on  December 3, 2015 in the Tauride Palace (47, Shpalernaya Str., Saint-Petersburg), breakout sessions will be held in the conference halls of the hotel "Oktyabrskaya" (10, Ligovsky avenue, Saint-Petersburg) on  December 4, 2015.

The cost of participation in the Conference is 250 Euro (VAT is exempt) which includes participation in all events of the Forum, translation services, 1 lunch and 2 coffee breaks, reception on behalf of the Organizing Committee.   


Registration form.

Interactive map of Conference participants from Russia.






3 December 2015,  Thirsday

Venue: Hall # 1, Taurida Palace (47, Shpalernaya Street)

10.00–10.15       Opening of the conference

10.15–11.30       Panel discussion: "Women and politics: the advantage of "soft power". 

11.30–12.00        COFFEE BREAK

12.00–13.00        Live  broadcast  of The President Putin message  to the Federation Council  of   Russia    

13.00–14.00        Panel discussion "Economics and women: professionalism,  involvement, employment"

14.00–15.00        Lunch    

15.00–16.00        Panel discussion "Women's health as a basis  for a healthy society and family well-  being“

16.00–17.00        Panel discussion "Charity and Humanitarian Development”                             

17.00-18.00         Report: «First Eurasian Women’s Forum: new possibilities»

  Speaker­ Lyudmila Kostkina, First Deputy Chair, Federation Council     Committee on Social Policy

18.00-19.30         Reception on behalf of the conference Organizing Committee

                         Atrium of the Taurida  Palace


4 December 2015, Friday

Venue: Conference-halls of the "Oktyabrskaya" hotel (10, Ligovsky av.)

Workshops. Round table discussions.  

10.00-13.00        Round table: "Participation of women in the electoral process."
 Venue: "Small" conference hall (4th floor)
10.00-13.00        Section: "Resource centers and other forms of support for professionaly active women and women entrepreneurs" 
Venue: "Mirror" conference hall (5th floor)

10.00-13.00        Section: "Women and men: different, equal  but together"
Venue: "Blue" conference hall (5th floor)

10.00-13.00        Section: “Socio-psychological support to the elderly”
Venue: "Fireplace" conference hall (5th floor)

10.00-13.00        Lecture of the Doctor of Economic Sciences, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor Victor Efimov "The role of women in the transition to the new concept of the development of Russia"

Venue: "Petrovsky" conference hall (2nd floor)

10.00-13.00        Seminar "Social engagement and business development activities at universities "   (University of Turku) 
Venue: "Red" conference hall (3rd floor)

13.00 – 14.00      Lunch Break

14.00 – 16.00      Continuation of the section “Socio-psychological support to the elderly”

Venue: "Fireplace" conference hall (5th floor)

14.00 – 16.00      Continuation of the section "Women and men: different, equal  but together"
Venue: "Blue" conference hall (5th floor)

14.00 – 16.00       Round table discussion: "The female face of migration" 
Venue: “Petrovsky” conference hall (2nd floor)

14.00 – 16.00       Master class "Leader and his Team" (professional development and competence of managers of non-profit organizations) of Yulia Salmanova,  business consultant,  lecturer  of the Higher school of Economics , St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance,  psychologist

Venue: ”Red” conference-hall (5th floor)

 14.00 – 16.00      Round table discussion: "Role of NGOes in the development of public diplomacy" 
Venue: "Small" conference room (4th floor)

 14.00 – 16.00      Master class of the international image consultant Tatyana Chernova "Role of personal image in business, social adaptation and communication" 

Venue: "Mirror" conference-hall (5th floor)



The International Women's Conference Organizer is
St. Petersburg Social and Economic Institute

Tel/Fax +7 812 7171649, Tel.: +7 812 7170711, +7 812 7175549

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


Detailed Information and the program are on website: