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MIR project

MIR* project (MIR - Men In Russia)
Partners in realization of the project:
  • Saint Petersburg Social and Economic Institute
  • Consulting company «Sprangbradan» (Sweden)
  • Swedish Male Network
  • Non-profit organization ‘Men of XXI Century'

    The project is supported by Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA).
Goals of the project MIR:
  • Involvement of men in the activities on gender equality;
  • Overcoming stereotypes of traditional man's role as a route problem of violence, contributing to the development of the non-violence culture;
  • Training of specialists and volunteers interested in practical work with men using violence towards their family;
  • Training specialists and volunteers to realize fatherhood education activities.
*MIR is a also a transliteration of the Russian word "мир" which means "peace"